The Cattle

We are raising two different breeds focused on high quality beef production. Currently we have 170 Black Aberdeen-Angus and another 80 cows of indigenous Alentejo’s breed.

Aberdeen-Angus, native from Scotland, is one of the most ancient cattle breeds in the world, and it has long been considered as ideal for beef production.

Its incredibly desirable characteristics, such as its short limbs and developed and fleshy body make the Aberdeen-Angus a very interesting animal for producers.

The quality of the Aberdeen-Angus beef is, unquestionably, the principal reason this breed has been witnessing such a rapid growth in popularity. Even if the consumer is not thoroughly acquainted with the breed, nearly everyone has heard about “ANGUS”, and associates it with prime beef, often even connoting it as the “best beef in the world”. This is largely due to the spectacular flavour and succulence resulting from the typically high intramuscular fat (i.e marbling).

All animals until 7/8 months of age are fed exclusively from maternal milk.

Afterwards the animals feed themselves on pastures rich in holm oak and cork oaks.

The indigenous Alentejo’s breed is of great hardiness and perfectly adapted to the local climate. Once intended for manual labour this breed has changed its course onto beef production, which led to a change of feeding regime and entire production cycle. These changes in breeding and handling have resulted in an evolved cow that is incredibly tasty and high quality.