The Olive Oil

With different intensities and various complexities we produce a unique olive oil

The careful selection of the composition, with different intensities and various complexities results in an olive oil with a new and interesting organoleptic profile.

The extraction starts during the milling process of the olives, intact, followed by cold extraction and later stored in stainless steel vats, in a cool and dark environment.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herdade Papa Leite, was subjected to a tentative selection, from harvest to bottling. The fine particles from the pulp, still dissolved, rest at the bottom of the deposit, which allows it to have a natural clarification process. After the separation of the decanted particles, the olive oil goes through an organoleptic evaluation that aims to select the deposits with the most intense and complex aromas. The dark glass bottle allows the olive oil to stay unperturbed by the external light and temperature, which facilitates the conservation of its colours and aromas for longer periods of time.